In 1990, “Transalta” decided to withdraw from the Canadian market, leaving company lines to the manufacturer “Andover Controls”. Less than two years later, the company had not yet gained weight in the Canadian market, and decided to leave Canada as well.

After their withdrawal, the 5 best performing offices in Canada decided to continue their activities by establishing independent businesses. This is how 6 former employees became the founders of a new entity: “Les Contrôles A.C. Inc.” Of these founders, Réal Audet, Michel Tremblay, and Martin Lebreux are still shareholders in the organization, while Pierre Pomerleau, Rémi Fontaine, and Marion Fontaine have all retired from their involvement over time. This group of young entrepreneurs quickly took its place in an already competitive market that had been largely dominated by long established multinationals.

After having rented various offices in the Greater Quebec City area (Laurier Boulevard, René-Lévesque Boulevard, rue Rideau), “Contrôles A.C. Inc.” acquired its first building on Quebec City’s south shore in 1994. Due to its exponential growth and success, the company moved once again, 10 years later, into its existing premises on 5e rue in Lévis, where it now occupies almost 27,000 square feet.

“Contrôles A.C. Inc.” had less than 15 employees in its early days, but counted over 30 in 2000 and more than 50 in 2004. The company’s growth is directly related to the quality of its service and the competencies of its employees. The strength of its shareholders, however, has managed to unite, grow, and adapt its excellence over the years.

In 2006, “Contrôles AC” expanded, for the first time, in the Greater Montreal area, by acquiring “CONNEXIUM”, a company that operates mainly in the digital automation construction sector.

In 2012, “Contrôles AC” acquired another company, once again in the greater Montreal area. “Vari-Tech,” a company that specializes in the service and preventive maintenance sector, joins the already well-established group.

Today, “Contrôles AC” has more than 135 employees and continues to maintain a presence in all of Quebec’s regions. The company’s founders have implemented a succession plan to ensure its sustainability. This new team, composed of healthy ratio of founding members and a new group of dynamic entrepreneurs, contributes to the development of “Smart Buildings” in a unique and sustainable way.